Saturday, July 21, 2007

Uploaded Trailer Pictures

I have uploaded some pictures (40) for you to view, go to the side panel and click on view my pictures. If you have any issues or want a bigger Image send me an email, via contact form.


The faithful gather in numbers to challenge the coming days There are many who appropriate the truth to their own gain. But diligent are the few who seek it resolutely. We have seen the future and its name... surely this plague shall come upon the earth to deliver its verdict, but I pray it would not be so in my time of dying... as the age draws near for the decline of witnessing the ascent of man. Elim, I hear the word in my dream, whispered to me as I sit in the Park. They are coming The word is spoken. I can no longer close my eyes. The visions come to me in flashes with even the slightest blink of the eye. I know I cannot hope to hide. I write now but My mind turns, spinning and fluttering like a stone cast into the abyss. They will come upon the earth in fire and light, bringing with them only war.

Ethan Haas Was Right.

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