Thursday, July 12, 2007

Erik Hass was Alive

Hello everyone,

I am sorry. I am not too sure what this is, but I have come to deliver tragic news. I am a friend of Erik Haas. I assume you know him or he would not have led me here. He showed up at my door last night and said he needed a place to stay. We have been friends since.. since I could remember.
We spent the whole night talking about old times, and just catching up. This morning I had to get up around 5:30 to go to work, Erik decided to stay at my home. I received a call about 12:05 from Erik. He called to tell me goodbye which I thought was odd because I got off in 25 minutes. I didn’t get home till about 12:47 on my watch, and when I walked in Erik was gone. I thought he had only been on his way, but on the counter I found his old beaten up digital recording device that he said a man named Van had given him.
My first thought was why would he leave without it? I looked through it and found only one recording. I thought maybe he left me a goodbye message of some sort.
I played the recording. What I heard on that recording will haunt me for the rest of my life. On the recording was the sound of 2 men bursting into the room... I wish not to go into much detail, but the men told Erik to get on the ground. Erik refuses and starts rambling off what appear to be scriptures of some sort though not of the bible. The men say they will shoot him...and Erik shouts then make it swift. and then.. and then there is the sound of my childhood friend Erik Haas being shot several times. Erik was murdered in cold blood.
I searched through the device to find any sort of clue to when this happened. It appears that the timer had been set to record at exactly 12:30. The minute it starts is the minute the men bust in.
That is the part I found strange, for I was home 17 minutes after all this and there is no evidence but this recording. I tried calling local police but all they said was "It's already been taken care of." I don’t know if some near by neighbors had heard it or what, but there was nothing here but this when I arrived.
Under the recording was a piece of paper. It had a link to this site and a username and password. Below it were the words "Tell them the truth, for they must know." I do not know why he led me here, but maybe you have an idea of what has happened. whoever is responsible will be brought to justice. I assure you. I need help, I just don’t understand. Erik never did anything wrong. If you have any information or can help shed some light or if you wish to help or I can even give you a more detailed description of what happened please E-mail me
I am sorry to have to report this tragedy to you, but I am guessing it was what he wanted. Please contact me and we will get through this together.

I wish to no longer stay on Erik’s account.


Jacob Adams

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