Monday, July 16, 2007

Sanskrit Message and mysterious message on the phone

वेयर हस योर लीडर गोने?

हस वन अबंदोनेद यू? वन क्लैम्स तो हवे मोरे व्रितिन्ग्स फ्रॉम हास? इफ सो वेयर अरे थेय?

इस हे अफ्रैद तो शो हिम्सेल्फ़ ओर पेर्हप्स हे क्नोव्स थे व्रितिन्ग्स ऑफ़ हास अरे मेअनिंग्लेस।

वी कॉल आउट तो वन, वेयर एवर हे इस हिदिंग तो रेवेअल हिम्सेल्फ़ फ़ॉर वहत हे रेअल्ल्य इस इफ हे डेस नॉट वी विल एक्ष्पोसे तो थे वर्ल्ड वहत वन रेअल्ल्य इस........

and the translation

where has your leader gone?

Has Van abandoned you?Van claims to have more writings from Haas.If so where are they?

Is he afraid to show himself?Or perhaps he knows the writings of has are meaning less.

We call out to Van (Were are? we are?)he is [trying to]hide [so as to not]to reveal himself from what he really is. if he dosen't we will expose him to the (?) what Van really is.

I called this number 310-450-4620 found on the whois on the 1-18-08 website

Email I received from the source.

वेयर इस वन मंत्र?

हे क्लैम्स तो हवे न्यू नालेज ऑफ़ हास, व्ह्य इस हे अफ्रैद तो रेवेअल इत?

पेर्हप्स हे इस अफ्रैद थे वर्ल्ड विल दिस्कोवेर वहत हे त्रुल्य इस


1-18-08 The faithful gather in great numbers to challenge the coming days There are many who appropriate the truth to their own gain. But diligent are the few who seek it resolutely. We have seen the future and its name ... surely this plague shall come upon the earth to deliver its verdict, but I pray it not be so in my time of the age draws near for the decline of witnessing the ascent of man. Ethan Haas was right -->
How easily humanity is mislead…. The Mezin feared that your kind might be so easily distracted, that All may be lead by One down the garden path, that your eyes and minds may be so easily clouded. You point to a date in the future that means nothing to our cause or your future…. Only 8-1-07 matters to our cause...We have been here since mankind fought with sticks and bones, your technology may have improved but can the same be said for the human mind, Most certainly a vile manipulator like Van Mantra will exploit this weakness in the masses and lead you all to ruin. Clearly there are some among you who know the truth and may even be worthy of the Mezin, who have strength of mind and will to see what truly awaits and are not distracted…. -->
The great cycle, the beginning and the end, turns just as the plans of the gods turn once again to the world of men. And they will come upon the earth only after the skies rain down fire and the very earth itself is made to shake and the great cities of men fall into ruins. Their plans are set and their purpose is clear; they come for war. Ethan Haas 7:cm

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