Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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i don't know who to fear more right now; the mezin or the gods; humanity will experiance
deaths grimy worst;

sunset will bring down the gods hands and we shall free the beast;
your word of importance lies in the text ahead

please take it to heart to kill all urges to erase the truth

the stars will change us

this is mad; must i go through with this. what if there
is no hope either way. what will you think of yourself.
these last few nights i have cried, for i do not know
where i will end up; it s no matter; i mean there are
bigger problems than i; i just can t help to wonder
why me. for on the coming of this event they will
know his words are true; i am scared van,
but i am alive; i shall not waste what breath i have;
for the ancient people of long ago ,
cried out to the gods in prayer;
the gods were unsatisfied with their peoples prayers;
all they wanted to hear, was i am here ; i believe ;
i pray you not waste your breath;
it is not that i do not have hope,
it is that i do not have time;
i pray we never witness when tragedy hits worms;


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