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If you go to once again you will see a link to slusho, go to the history, the bottom left far left link and you will read the history..I'm only going to list the most interesting part here:

"But tragedy struck for the Smallest Whale! Noriko set of on a sea adventure to find the greatest, most tastiest ingredient to the world, and was never heard from again!

She left behind her only son, Ganu! Ganu also liked to experiment, but not with the beverage-making enterprise that killed his mother, but for science!

He abandoned his mother's drink business to his cousin, because the pain of her loss was so great with every flavor mixture Ganu attempted. Truth is that he became a lead ocean scientist. His accomplishments are many, he is very big.

And one fateful day, he and his teammates discovered a deep sea ingredient unique to anything else!!! While the team pondered miraculous ways to use it, Ganu had the best deal of all!! Because that night he had a dream - he was a tiny fish, and a whale came and told him to drink the ingredient, Ganu grew from a smallish into an enormous whale!!! He woke up with tears, he knew he had found the magic ingredient Noriko had set off to find.

He decided he would make his mother's dream live - make the tastiest drink, unlike anything on earth! Because the ingredient was discovered on the deep ocean floor, under amazing pressure and in the most extreme cold, Ganu knew he had to serve the ingredient in a near-frozen state to preserve its freshness!!"

My guess is the parasite was from the rotten sea ingredient and was eaten by an unwilling host maybe a human, maybe not, or the ingredient itself is the parasite?

also a new link on website has been placed.
on the forum the site administrator tries to answer some questions for us:

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 Re: Project Cloverfield
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To reiterate from my previous post on this thread:


Are Ethan Haas and such sites connected? Per JJA, no, not a bit (although you were lead to believe that they were!)

Why? In due time you will understand, but in the meantime I will tell you to google the word "buzz".

What does this site ( and the host site ( have to do with any of this? If JJA hasn't said yet, then you will have to wait and see on 8-1-07. It sure beats waiting until 1-18-08.

What does ( and ( have to do with any of this? Again, if JJA hasn't said yet, then you will have to wait and see on 8-1-07. I am not obligated to say."

The Parasite Movie - Codename Cloverfield 2008 Monster Movie by JJ Abrams.Cloverfield, Parasite, Movie, 1-18-08, JJ Abrams, Monster, 12:36am, Paramount.
Found in the source of as metatags.

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